What is the purpose of the ‘Taking the Pledge’ page?

Research shows that by taking a pledge, it can help to foster behavioural change by starting to subconsciously identify as a certain type of person and acting in a manner consistent with the commitment made. In this case you are making a pledge to be a proactive person who takes initiative to have clean and environmentally conscious community and lead by example.

By making the commitment public, which is done by sharing your pledging photo on social media, this helps to diffuse the message amongst your peers. Given that we are social creatures, we very much respond to what peers close to us do, how they behave and what they think of us. These are all very powerful mechanisms to change behaviour in a positive manner.

Will my information be made public?

The information you provide by completing the form is confidential and will not be made public. Unless, you choose to publish your themed ‘Taking the Pledge’ photo on social media. This is not a requirement, but rather an optional feature to diffuse the message not to litter and help to establish behavioural change.